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Application open until April 8th

We are happy to remind you that the application for the grant to cover the 15th ICRS registration fee is still open, but only until tomorrow, Friday April 8th. We highly encourage all ICRS student members from a European institute presenting at the 15th ICRS in Bremen to apply!

We look forward to reading your applications. Below you can find the details for the application:

The applicant shall send the following documents to

1) Motivation letter (max. 300 words)
2) Proof of accepted oral/poster presentation in ICRS
3) Proof of being BSc/MSc/PhD at an European institution
4) Proof of ICRS Student membership
5) Proof of payment for ICRS registration fee (195 Euro online or 510 Euro in person)
6) Abstract of your research to be presented at ICRS 2022
7) Cover slide of your ICRS talk/poster with a picture of yourself

In the motivation letter, we would like you to highlight your financial situation, how the grant will help you, and how it will advance your career to participate in the ICRS 2022. Your application will be evaluated based on your motivation letter and submission of all requested documents.


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